Sexy Like A Book

Sexy-Like-A-Book is a Martha Juah Educational Foundation initiative, designed to inspire young women and girls to improve their perspective on reading, literacy, and education.
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About the Campaign

Globally, many barriers continue to prevent girls from accessing quality education, as well as enrolling in, and completing secondary school. An improvement in the chances of the African girl having access to quality education, can only be achieved if we eliminate and break barriers such as female genital mutilation, child marriage, teenage pregnancy, poverty, violence against girls and women, the high cost of school etc., which continue to pose threats to, and prevent girls from accessing and completing primary and secondary school.

Sexy-Like-A-Book remains committed to combating the high rate of illiteracy in Liberia (52.4 %), through a holistic approach that engages girls, beyond the classrooms, harnessing their inborn talents, through mentorship, writing, public speaking, etiquette courses and community service. The overall goal is to equip them to meaningfully contribute to their communities and be active participants in decision-making on issues concerning their well-being.

It’s a wonderful blessing to be one of the sponsors for Sexy-Like-A-Book. We encourage you to join us to inspire these young girls to dream big and strive to achieve the unimaginable, in spite of societal and cultural limitations. Please Donate and help to nurture and develop Liberia’s next generation of leaders.

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